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Are you sowing the right seed?

Recently, I attended a Spelling Bee competition, and I witnessed how little kids went through almost five rounds of the spelling challenge, and one cute little girl emerged as the winner. Some fell out before the first round was over, and some pushed further. I learnt an important lesson at that competition. On our way

The Folly in Comparing Yourself with Others
The Folly in Comparing Yourself with Others

Local champions exist. As a matter of fact, I was one sometimes ago. During my primary school days, I was always attaining the first position in class, so much that I was promoted from primary one to primary three, and from primary three to JSS One!. I was indeed a local champion and I overrated

You are unstoppable!

Once upon a time in the city of Israel, there was an attack and severe oppression perpetrated by the dwellers of another city. It was so severe that the inhabitants of the oppressed city fled from their houses and began to hide in caves and dens, for they were sore afraid. In that same city

Greatness Redefined

Have you ever wondered what greatness means and how to attain it in life? if yes, then you are not alone in this quest! Everyone desires to be great. Many wake up everyday and step out in pursuit of greatness. Some do this to the detriment of others and sometimes forget other important things in life such as

Let Love Lead

My journey back from work two days ago was amazing and what could have been an annoying experience left me with a great life lesson. What happened? My bus driver and his conductor (a term used to address a public bus driver’s assistant) forgot to fill the bus tank and we got stuck in the

Are you living or marking time?

In a recent conversation with a colleague of mine in the office, we were evaluating how many hours we spend on so many tasks that takes the most of our day. Each person has only 24 hours in a day and the entire span of one’s life is each day put together, which eventually runs